Friday, April 29, 2011

its Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (horaay!) and doesn't she look stunning!

image courtesy of ghetty, & the guardian

Royal Wedding Fever

I'm so about the wedding tonight. I'm so happy for William and Cate. The photos that are streaming through on the websites are incredibly real and that is exactly what we need need right now, real beauty, real glamour, real love and real excitement! I especially love these shots that show Cate preparing for her final night as Catherine Middleton.

Cate with her sister Pippa and Mother.
Thousands camped out in London over night with hope of claiming their spots to catch a glimpse of the married couple.
Prince William and Prince Harry were out meeting the people lining the streets. 
Cate arriving at the Hotel, its so nice how natural she is.
I love this photo, it says it all. Excitement and also a little bit of nerves
Chatting away with her mother and sister and staff at the hotel where we she has spent her last night as Catherine Middleton. 
This is such a wonderful time for a Royal Wedding. There has been a lot of tragedy and heartache in the world recently and its so nice to have a celebration that the whole world can join in for and watch.  

Images Daily Mail

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servants.

There is no doubt that lots of us are excited about the upcoming royal wedding. Everyone except the ABC's Chaser Boys who have been banned from reporting on the wedding. 

My sister stumbled across this hilarious article on Perth Now. Check it out here and see the letter that the boys sent to the Queen pleading their case - absolute classic!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new wardrobe anyone?

Friends of mine left for Europe just before Easter and to say I'm a little jealous of their Roman Holiday is  an understatement. So I went searching in the internet for inspiration and an attempt to take my mind of the fact that my best friend is away for three whole weeks. 

I stumbled across this gorgeous shoot, inspired by a European getaway and fell in love instantly. Although we are heading into winter an Australian Winter isn't really a proper winter, you can get away with wearing beautiful dresses like these and simply layer them up. So it got me thinking and planning what I'm going to wear this winter. What is on your lust have list this season??

Dresses by Anthropologie

Monday, April 18, 2011

I want to say congratulations to my dear friend Lily. Today she was accepted into the Jet Program. Lily applied last year and had her interview well before the heart breaking earthquake and tsunami. 

Lily a more courageous soul than I has decided to accept her offer and go to Japan. 

Just when Japan needs all the help it can get, it gets you! You will do wonderful things for the children that you teach, inspiring them to dream big and forget all the horrors they have seen! You are an amazing friend and a wonderful person Lily you deserve this great honour. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

have a beautiful weekend.

now that the hot weather has finally ended (fingers crossed) i'm excited about autumn. i think that its almost safe to say that I can start cracking open the cookbooks to the comfort food section. planning indoor dinner parties, knitting my scarves and just being cosy. for the first time in a long while i slept with my doona on, all night, it was heaven. i love autumn and winter.

on this note i ask, what do you have planned for your first real autumn winter weekend? i hope that you are spending it with someone special?

card from able and game

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

penguin foodie classics

A while ago my mum bought me the Penguin classics, English Cooks Collection, which I love. As some of you may be aware, one of my favourite pastimes is cooking and to see that Penguin are releasing this stunning collection of cookbooks is very exciting. Not only do I get to cook but I get to cook from beauties like these. I think that part of the allure of these books is their stunning coves by Coralie Bickford-Smith.
 If only by birthday wasn't a few weeks ago, this 'great food' collection would be on my list. 

Images courtesy of Coralie Bickford-Smith via English Muse

Monday, April 4, 2011

remedy fremantle.

I saw this post on hither and thither, loved it and thought, i can  showcase what my city has to offer as well. then i thought about some of the amazing shops that are located here in perth. i gave you a quick glimpse of B&M and my favourite second hand bookshop in my recent 'perfect day' post. but here is the first of many, i hope, of profiles of perth stores that inspire. today its remedy a truly lovely concept store located in fremantle. they also have two other stores one in leederville and the other in dunsborough. the lovely girl that worked in the store kindly let me run free with my little cannon powershot and this is what i saw. 

before i left, i bought the most gorgeous travel journal. its yellow and has a library book loan log glued on the front. it was so perfect i couldn't leave it behind. you understand don't you?

i wonder if i work these as well as bennett works his wellies?

photo by lynn whitfield-king

Friday, April 1, 2011

thought i was done for the week.. then i saw this

oh man, is he not the cutest little chap (his name is Bennett) you have ever seen. i stumbled across him on Urban Weeds, this tremendous street style blog from Portland. i wish i was as cool as he is. he makes wellingtons seems so effortless. 

what are you up to this weekend?

i'm absolutely loving the 'nook' inspiration via anthropologie. i bought a cardboard safari piece during the week and after seeing this i have been convinced to attempt to clean my little nook, hang my safari piece and finish my quilt. because i'm back at uni, technically everyday is a holiday, but i usually like to work flat out during the week and then have my weekends off to go to the farmers market, have coffee with friends, cook, read, spring clean, be creative or just to do nothing. this weekend i will be cranking the ipod and enjoying the last of this perfect summer weather.

*musical inspiration*
crystal castles 1991
little joy brand new start
miike snow in search of
these new puritans we want war
brian eno emerald and lime
velvet underground sunday morning
perry como moon river
washed out get up
eels novacaine for the soul
B.R.M.C down here

being in australia has its perks, but on the internet it also has some down sides. usually it means that although we are ahead, time zone wise, we are behind and miss out on amazing give aways like the $1000 giveaway on Cup of Jo for EmersonMade. By the time that i got up, went to uni and came back, the comments were at 5000 and there was no chance. i guess i will  just have to go about things the conventional way and buy online, instead of attempting to win them. upside i have been searching for a MOD dress like this for i can say i have found it!