Monday, August 13, 2012

dreaming of a perfect little getaway

this week i would love nothing more than to be the proud owner of one of these rooms. i love my books and it would be so amazing to come home to a room like this and curl up in front of a fireplace for a few hours before bed (particularly this one to the left, with the dreamy white couch?? no?) . i'm currently finishing 'death comes to pemberley' which is so terrific and bed is my favourite spot. what are you reading at the moment, anything worth recommending?

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

neighbourhood pizza

a while back my family and i hit up neighbourhood pizza for family dinner and it was just delicious. we arrived early, just after 6, yes that is right senior citizens dinner time.  steph had warned us there were would be kids everywhere and she was right. it was kind of insane as there were tears and screaming, but there was also a lot of laughter and smiles from little ones.

then all the families left and the calm set it in. our pizzas arrived and wow it was just perfect. so  perfect that i took friends back there recently, they loved it so much that they have also taken a number of friends. well done pat and steph this place is a huge success, will be heading back soon!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

babies and boucla

a while back i posted about my friend that had a beautiful little baby boy. well on the day he was born  all of  us headed down to meet him and see how mama and papa were going. mama looked amazing, so ethereal and relaxed it was really quite incredible. papa was floating on air taking photo after photo and posting them straight onto facebook so his family in canada could see him!

after the initial excitement and all of us having a cuddle we excused ourselves to give the new family some space and headed out. from the hospital we headed off to boucla for lunch and cake! as usual it was super busy, luckily we jagged a large table for the three of us! which was good as we were feeling greedy and ordered lunch, coffee and cake and as usual it was delightful. what was even nicer was catching up with the girls and chatting, it had been too long and was so nice just to share each other's company. lets do it again soon gals! xxx