Wednesday, October 17, 2012

meanwhile at the mechanics institute

i recently went to the mechanics institute for a cheeky sunday drink not realising that was cheeky short sunday.  all the waitstaff were wearing, shall we say cheeky shorts and i had the best time, exploring the extensive alcohol range and checking out the umm... "shaker collection".

the location of this joint is perfectly fun and the atmosphere is excellent. offering delicious takeaway from flipside and a supremely terrific collection of beverages i recommend this spot for your next city adventure. thank me later....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a slice of heaven

there is nothing that I love more than complex carbs, well at least this week!  who knows what next week will bring and if it is as delicious as these pizza's, i cannot wait.  family dinners are such an occasion with my family and once a week we pull out all stops and enjoy the ritual of cooking and eating together.  this is my little attempt at a casual family dinner last sunday.  a few glasses of wine and some sunday night tv, what more could you want?