Friday, June 29, 2012

happy weekend

not sure what you are all up to this weekend? but whatever you have planned, hope that it is a wonderful one. i leave you with this bit of inspiration, enjoy x

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MoMA's picasso to warhol opening night at AGWA

on friday 16 june, 2012 the art gallery of WA opened its exclusive MoMA at AGWA exhibition. there was a great party in the foyer, delicious food and wine and a few friendly faces. after listening to a melbourne based band who said 'over in the eastern states, we are all really jealous of perth right now' we were all like... "we know" and went on to dance the night away and stroll through the exhibition at our leisure. it was a great night with wonderful friends, michael, and we even made some new ones - courtney and taylor!

the picasso to warhol exhibition is on at AGWA until 3 december. make sure that you check it out! it is well worth it!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1970s inspired chinese dinner

 so i have just finished exams and life as i know it is back on track. i have a lot of updates for you all including many of the wonderful adventures that i have been on. first i wanted to share with you some photos from one of the funniest retro dinner parties i have ever been too!

a great friend, ivan mather recently hosted a 1970s retro dinner party. so this little girl packed up her things and headed down to mandurah on a friday night... and lets just say, i have not had so much fun mandurah ever... our chinese feast was an amazing way to start the weekend, thanks ivan. what i wouldn't d right now for another deep fried banana..... amazingly good, and its fruit, so its good for you too ;)