Friday, May 18, 2012

life lately part one

so to say that things have been busy would be an understatement. i have been having the best time in little old perth. i guess that old saying, its who your with, not where you are that matters has never been so true! lately we have been at il lido, a new place called frisk in northbridge, the classroom, checking out some shows in the comedy festival at the astor a gig at the rosie and an occasional wine at llama. and that was just the start of the week....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

the attic in fremantle

if it's thursday, i must be at my favourite spot in freo - the attic. what i love about this place is its 'soul', the authentic nature of both the food and the staff means that you are welcomed with a smile, served a delicious meal, every-time, and leave with a delicious coffee or masala chai (chai is my fave) - what more could you want?? guaranteed to thrill, make sure that you stop by the attic in bannister street in fremantle next time you are in the area!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

rookie model backstage at fenella peacock's fashion show.

you know when you have those moments like 'are you sure?, really this isn't a joke?' i recently had one of those. the very beautiful and talented fenella peacock asked me to be in her fashion show as a model. naturally my first response was get on the cross trainer, then my second was 'yes please, i would love too!'

so last friday this 'rookie model' turned up at a warehouse space in pakenham street fremantle for the 2012 launch of poetica and preview of odalisque, both of fenella peacock's latest ranges. to see a fashion show in action, from the fittings to the actual event was a real treat. the amazing team that fenella had pulled together, aly may, cision hair, her staff, (anastasia you are a gem!) and rebecca and her makeup team began their work. as the space came together i ran around taking photos and getting to chat with some of the gorgeous 'real models' and 'real women', like me that were in the show! i hope that you enjoy this preview.. 

the night ended with everyone mingling with the models, team and fenella's family and friends. it was a stunning night and thank you for this opportunity fenella!