Thursday, September 30, 2010

falling hard and springing back

As the northern hemisphere enters fall (autumn) everyone is blogging about the greatly anticipated change in weather. One of my favourites so far has been 'falling hard' on design crush. Which these beauties are from...

We however, are springing back from winter.. It was particularly cold this year and to my joy, I was able to spend many nights by the open fire. 

However I'm well and truly ready for the spring, all the flowers are blooming and the birds have begun to sing again...

There is such a gentle beauty in a blooming flower as it begins its journey and heralds to us, that there is a change in the air. 

I'm looking forward to the warmer evenings, PIMMS with friends and more spring adventures!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

spring flowers, $5 wine and bubblegum ice-cream

This weekend we celebrated the queens birthday, with a public holiday, which I spent enjoying the beautiful weather that Mother Nature had put on for us. I took some time out to loose myself in the garden, amongst the spring blooms that have started to pop up. This would have to be my favourite time of the year, bright mornings, hot afternoons and cool evenings all enjoyed with family, food and of course five dollar wine.

I made a raspberry pie on Sunday to accompany an amazing pork roast that my mum cooked for a family dinner. We enjoyed a laid back evening with sparkling shiraz, which mum brought, making it a little more expensive that the five dollar white wine I had consumed that afternoon!

Monday came around all too soon, but I had a great time catching up with my friend Daisy. We went to the movies, she hated the film, but loved her packet of malteasers… Alls right in the universe again. We then finished the evening off with fish n’ chips and little creatures cider.

It was all rather delicious, however nothing matched up to the bubblegum ice cream that I washed it all down with. It was the most perfect shade of pastel pink and tasted like the bubblegum ice cream that I use to have when I was a kid.

So I’m back to work today and subsequently back to reality. However it all doesn’t seem so bad because the sun is shining and the path that I’m walking is warm under my feet. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

sunshine and cupcakes

I'm dreaming of... a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes. 

Sunshine vanilla frosting on a classic madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake or valrhona chocolate cupcake topped with a fondant heart or flower.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome to my blog, a place for me to share inspiration, adventures and thoughts....
So here goes...